-  Englisch   -  Hartmut Sy & Lorenz Spring “Poetry and Sobriety”
Hartmut Sy_Rad_Schenk.Modern
Lorenz Spring, Seerosen, 2022

Hartmut Sy & Lorenz Spring:

"Poetry and Sobriety"

4 March – 16 April 2023

The exhibition “Poetry and Sobriety” plays with contrasts. It is a dialogue between two artists whose art works could not be more different.

On the one hand, there are the metal sculptures by sculptor Hartmut Sy, in which heaviness and lightness seem to cancel each other out in a marvellous way. On the other hand, Lorenz Spring’s colourful and energetic works on paper, motifs of water lilies and mountain panoramas, which poetically reveal the secrets of nature.

As contradictory as the works may appear to be, it is worth taking a second look. What seems sober is full of poetry. What seems light is disturbing in its depth.


“One of my main topic is to make heavy things light and to bring lightness into an attractive, even confusing balance.”

Hartmut Sy

“My motifs emerge like from a tap, which I turn on and see what flows out of it. When the heart is full, the brush overflows. I try to realise the themes of nature in my work in a quiet, poetic language.”

Lorenz Spring