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Vol. 2

Lea Grebe

Alexej Jawlensky

Renée Sintenis

Lorenz Spring

Following on from our last Christmas exhibition, we would once again like to present a small selection of works that inspire us and that we would all put on our wish list.

At the top of our wish list is the “Kneeling Elephant” by Renée Sintenis. The pachyderm is sitting on its back legs, its trunk slightly bent towards itself and its ears folded back. It looks at us with faithful eyes and, despite its body mass, appears gentle and agile.

Alexej Jawlensky’s small abstract head is a wonderful example from his series of works on the human face. The face is stylised into a U-shape. Eyes, brows, nose and mouth are reduced to bars and lines of different widths. The head is framed by individual strands of hair. The choice of colour gives the work its very own rhythm.

How could artistic research confront the complexity of the “system” of nature? Over the years, Lea Grebe has built up an archive in which she documents dead insects in the state in which they were found. Cast in bronze, this butterfly appears to have undergone a final metamorphosis. The butterfly is offered with a customised plaster display.

A quote from Lorenz Spring reads: “Water lilies have something Dadaist about them. Born in the underwater world of darkness, they strive towards the bright surface of the lake until they lift their heads out of the water and shine with their beautiful play of colours and shapes. For me, they are God’s love letter to us.” There is no better way to describe this small work.

If you have any questions or are interested in one of the works presented, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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