-  Englisch   -  Wolfram Scheffel: Travelling. The world through the painter’s eye.
Schenk.Modern_Wolfram_Scheffel_Marokko VIII (Menara)
Wolfram Scheffel, 3 HÄUSER UNTER PINIEN, 2022

Wolfram Scheffel:

Travelling. The world through the painter's eye.

22 April - 11 June 2023

The exhibition shows a selection of works by the artist Wolfram Scheffel. His motifs: landscapes, places and cities – impressions of his travels, burnt into his memory, recorded in his sketchbook. He translates these onto canvas in his studio. Wolfram Scheffel is not interested in a realistic depiction of the motif, but rather in the essence of what he has seen. By simplifying forms, exaggerating colours and the interplay of light and shadow, he creates paintings and prints that immediately catch our eye and draw our attention to the essence of the motif.

“My ideas for paintings develop from what I see. I’m not interested in extraordinary motifs, but in powerful contrasts and striking colors. I mainly find these in southern Europe or in areas where there are intense light conditions.”

Wolfram Scheffel